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True Story: Journey to the afterlife (akhirat)

True Story: Journey to the afterlife (Akhirat)


Story Bengkalis girl Suri Dead Two HoursShowing Various events in the afterlife Had been declared dead, Aslina akas Iin (23) was experiencing near-death coma for two hours and two days and two nights. Islamic High School student (stai) Bengkalis, Sumatera, was admitted during torpor, She demonstrated barzah natural events and the afterlife, as well as some related charity events and human actions throughout the world. In front of about 50-plus members, consisting of employee salaries Bengkalis health, community and a number of journalists, Aslina, Wednesday (3/9) yesterday, in the auditorium of Sri Swasti TV studio Television (SJTV) Bengkalis, tells the supernatural events she experienced. According to Iin which accompanied his uncle Rustam Effendi, since three years ago she suffered a hyper thyroid disease. Because of her illness, on 25 August, she was accompanied by Rustam Effendi went to the hospital Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC) Malacca, Malaysia. After a medical examination, the doctor said the surgery can only be done after three months, because it was high blood pressure. But on Saturday (26/8) at midnight, the child's condition is critical, eldest three brothers, coma. The uncle had guided her to read two sentences creed and sentence toyibah (Lailahailallah) twice. Time of her death, said her uncle, Aslina had said sentence toyibah and creed. Gradually girl that worked as an Honoree in the Department of Industry and Trade (Trade and Industry) Bengkalis is not breathing. Exactly at 02.00 Malaysian time, an indicator of heart rate monitor is blank or a straight line. Inevitably this situation makes Rustam sad, and some doctors were busy checking Malacca MMC and check the condition of Aslina. At that time he had contacted his family in Bengkalis to tell the state it Aslina. Luckily after two hours by doctor, monitor looks back move that signifies the heart rate orphan girl is pulsed again. For further treatment, Aslina put into the ICU and only two days and two nights later she expressed through the critical period. 
Meet the Father. According to Aslina, she saw when her spirit lifted by angels. At that time, her spirit deprived of the right leg by an angel. "It feels very sick, such as skin slashed, burned with oil," she said. After parting the spirit with of the body, she watched people who are still alive and his body was lying in bed. Then brought two angels headed someplace. Aslina have a desire to meet her father who had long died, named Hasan Basri. "O my father could I meet you. I miss, oh father, "she said. It's in that place the figure Aslina met a 17 year old young man with a face glowing and radiant. Glimpse of the young man, Aslina still determined to meet her father. Then, the angels announced that the young man was her father. Surely she does not think as time passed away, her father is 55 years old.Then the father asked to Aslina, why she had come. She replied simply coming to the call of Allah. The father told Aslina stay home to keep her brothers in the world. However Aslina replied that she was here, meets the call of God. At that time, she called the pillars of Islam one by one. After talking to her father, two angels had brought Aslina to a place filled with women wearing neat clothes and veil. There, she was greeted and kissed her right left cheek by the Muslim women. Not only that, Aslina also met with 1,000 angels with a radiant face and all the same. In that place, Aslina sit on the seat is very soft. When in the world,   the soft seat  as  coated eight foam. When seated, suddenly the glow woman  similar to her approached her. She asked to the woman figure. "I am charity and your deeds for the world," said that woman. Then Aslina accompanied by charity (the female figure, red) and two angels witnessed several incidents in the afterlife. Among other things, there was a man dressed in rags, his body pus and stench. His hands and feet were chained while on his body bring iron weighing 500 tons. Seeing the incident, Aslina asked to charity. Apparently the man was killed and his lifetime love menyantet (witchcraft) people.What happened next she saw, someone who whipped with long rattan peel that skin and flesh from the body. It turns out that person for his life never prayed even before his death  never mentioned creed. Aslina also saw two men kill each other with axes. According to the charity, apparently the person liked hold up and squeeze everyone else. Then the image, which Ustad was hit with the boiling hot lava. Back Aslina asked. Ustad during life liked adultery with another man's wife.What happened next, someone was stabbed with a knife 80 times. This shows the person liked killing and never accounted for in the world. Last events, an old lady knocked down many times to the floor. On the floor there is blades upright and then he fell on his body, until death. The picture shows, during her life she was a rebellious child, who does not recognize her mother's dementia. Even he's embarrassed to others.

The story of after-death and supernatural experiences was suffered Aslina alias Iin (23), makes uproar Bengkalis people, especially villagers Pematang Duku, Bengkalis district,Riau Sumatera Indonesia that between believing and not with a story in it's dormant. Following up the story of 'supernatural journey' is spoken by Aslina in the hall SJTV Bengkalis studio last Wednesday. According Aslina, after she was shown a picture of the incident and the human, she then carried through the night very dark. Because of the darkness, he could not see her charity and two accompanying angels. When her legs to walk three steps, the sound of people chanting (berzikir). Then the charity told her to quickly capture the sound. But Aslina can not catch. Suddenly the time, put a necklace on a chain around her neck. Having held the chain in the form of beads turned out as many as 99 points. A voice that ordered Aslina for remembrance during the trip.She walked again along the seven steps, but time is equal to 10 hours of time in the world. When it came to the seventh step, he looked like a footprint betel containers containing light emitted through the eye-hole. Thanks to the light footprint betel, he could see and read Arabic, reads 'Husnul Khotimah'. Behind the posts it looks Kaaba image. When viewing text and Kaaba images instantly , she and her charitable smiled and say Alhamdulillah. Aslina approached the light and pick it up, then spread over her face. Then the dark night it was lit up. 
The Prophet Muhammad 
After walking a long distance, she heard a voice call to prayer sounds unlike in Indonesia, but pitched Mecca. To her charity, she asked for time to pray. After doing the prayer, spirit Aslina moved to another place with a 40-day trip. This time the destination was the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. In the mosque she saw the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. At the tomb of the Prophet was glowing door, visible figure of the Prophet Muhammad was feeding the poor. Not only is it in the Prophet's Mosque, she again demonstrated amazing event. Suddenly the light 'Husnul Khotimah' in her hand loose, then pull out the fire that lit up the whole room so that the tomb of the Prophet pins. At the time of the Prophet's grave behind, she saw a human figure, handsome face like an angel, tan skin, eyes glazed, broad vision unfolds and sharp. "His face like Asians (oval, red) but no visible head. But I believe that the human figure is the Prophet Muhammad, "she said. Seeing the incident, then Aslina asked the angel and charity. "Why is the light illuminating the Prophet Muhammad, so that I can see. And why the Prophet's face glowing? "Questions that you are the person who got the intercession and guidance of God. Regarding the radiant face of the prophet, as long as developing Islam always being challenged. Traveling until that only, and her bodyguard and Aslina turn back for home. Apparently when on the way home she again witnessed, millions of people were tortured and suffering in a field. People are struggling and praying asked so that doomsday accelerated. because it could no longer bear the torture. They claim to be sorry and ask to be revived repent. "Distance Aslina with them only five yards, but could not provide help," She said. During see it, Aslina reading the Quran 30 juz, Hafis (memorized) and the final three times. Then read the letter Yasin as much as 1000 times and prayers (sholawat) to all the Prophets (Adam to Muhammad). Aslina running along Saudi Arabia or along the Sabang to Marauke while she wept to see the incident. Aslina also want to be shown what happened to her in the future. But before she was asked by an angel to say "zikir". The duration of "zikir" conducted Aslina for two centuries and two days of exchange. This marked the first of Shawwal which falls on December 31. Done remembrance, Aslina heard that as against her. "Wake up, O my people, you're my turn. Tell my people, what I show. Tell my people, my people, my people go. "Genesis StrangeAfter taking pictures and interviews, there are strange happenings in the building SJTV Bengkalis. At that time, Aslina was out of the room toward the government radio within 25 feet. When krew SJTV about to turn off the monitor, it can not be turned off. But strangely white shadow appears well-built figure with her hair loose down to the navel and a horned head. Surely this makes the krew and people who witnessed the wonder, and then the moment was immortalized visitors and krew SJTV.Once out of the room Aslina Government Radio, asked whether the figures. He replied that the figure was a genie. Closing the supernatural experiences that sap penakik boy, his uncle said Rustam Effendi told reporters, during this Aslina is a person who is quiet and less confident (PD). But after this incident a lot of things that changed, from appearance to behavior. Even the color of her skin is now more clean and radiant. Regarding deeds, "She's really diligent prayers tahajud and reading the Quran every day," said her uncle closed the story.(Completed)
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