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Pastor Converted to Islam After Reading Hebron Gospel

Pastor Converted to Islam After Reading Hebron Gospel
Thomas Leiden is a descendant of Solok from sabah Malaysia. At first he roman catholic believers. He had his education at the seminary kepaderian Vatican, Italy at the expense of Christian unity Sabah.
During a clergyman, Thomas often make simple notes about Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians, to gain knowledge. This was all triggered by the conflict self continues to strengthen against the existence of vicar. A vicar was given great responsibility to forgive the sins of mankind. This is what makes faith belief of Thomas began encroached doubts. How could human beings can forgive sins, whereas the Prophets and the Prophet was not able to forgive the sins of mankind. Doubt is then pushed Thomas to seriously study the religion of Islam.
During his study in the Vatican, one day he was given the task by a vicar to keep the library contained in the sacristy of the church. Before leaving Thomas, as he handed a key to the library cupboard, vicar was ordered that Thomas did not open a cupboard there. Of course, this ban makes Thomas wonder, while the keys are handed over to her wardrobe. This prohibition makes Thomas curious. Finally, he took a hebron language gospel in the cupboard. Thomas found a lot of truth, particularly with regard to the religion of Islam, which has not been disclosed at all. Thomas thought it might deliberately hidden. With consciousness, hebron gospel that was hidden for review again in more depth.
Atmosphere was an uproar because it loses hebron gospel. But not until sticking to the surface. Clergyman who had left the sacristy key library asked Thomas if he were taking the gospel hebron it. Obviously, Thomas said no. He would not admit that in fact it was he who took the gospel hebron it. Because he wants to uncover the truth contained in the book.
Finally, when the vicar pembaiatan oath, because the gospel is lost, they put the holy book the Koran (which is always wrapped and stored in the cupboard) hebron gospel instead of earlier. Al-Quran used in an oath ceremony. All the vicar did not know this unless Thomas.
Thomas eventually embraced Islam, and until recently worked in the Malacca Islamic Religious Council. (Acts embrace new convert Hidayah, 2010)

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