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True Story of a Woman who Koma in the Holy Land, this is a true story that i quotes from Ust Nasir FB notes.  Thank God he was willing to share his experience with all of us. Where to my personal an excellent experience to be an afterthought for us all. And thank God he is also willing, even happy if it shared his story. Because that i immediately eager to post it, but with the change of language, of course, without prejudice to the Indonesian language meaning at all. Hopefully this can be useful for all of us, and please also Share to friends other friends.! Here's his story notes:
For reflections with ......

For nearly nine years living in Mecca while taking care of pilgrims and Umrah, I have gone through many interesting experiences and bitter. However, in a lot of events, there was one incident that I will never forget until whenever for sure. That is the experience of a woman in her 30s. This occurred while I was taking care of a group of pilgrims.

Upon arrival the woman and her entourage at the Airport Jeddah Hajj we were greeted by a bus. Everything seems carefree because it was their first time doing hajj. When it arrived, I took them up the bus and from there, we headed to the medina.

Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly, then  we reached Medina. Arriving in Madinah, everyone got off the bus. Go down one by one so that they arrive to a woman turn.
But without any reason, when her feet are on the earth Medina, the woman suddenly collapsed not unconscious self. As a person accountable care of the assembly, I was rushing toward her.
"This Jemaah is sick" I said to the other congregations. Atmosphere was calm and immediately exchange became worried.
All the congregation seems panicked by what was going on.
"She's hot and shivering body. This Jemaah is not unconscious self, quickly help me ... we took her to the hospital," I said.
Without wasting time, we lifted her and took her to Medina Hospital, located not far from there.
Meanwhile, the other pilgrims escorted to their lodgings.
Arriving at hospital of Medina, she was still not unconscious self. Various attempts were made by the physician to recover it, but all failed.
Came the evening, she was still more commas. Meanwhile, the task of guiding the congregation  I should  continue. I was forced to leave her stranded at the hospital. But in a flurry of deal with the congregation, I took time to call the Medina hospital to check progress the  woman. However, I was told, he was not unconscious self.

After two days, she was still not unconscious self. I'm more worried, it's known, it was my first experience dealing with such situations. Perceived that the attempt to recover all else fails, then she was brought to King Abdul Aziz Hospital in jeddah for further treatment because at that time the hospital in Jeddah more complete amenities than RS Medina . But the effort to restore it still does not work. Hajj schedule should be continued. We also leave for Mecca to carry out the pilgrimage. Completed the pilgrimage, once again I went to Jeddah.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at King Abdul Aziz Hospital, I was told by the doctor that the women were still in a coma. However, the doctor said, the situation is stable. Seeing the situation, I took the decision to wait for him at the hospital. After two days of waiting, finally she opened her eyes. From the corner of her eyes slightly open, she looked up at me. But just as prominent in my face, the woman kept hugging me tightly, crying sobbing.
Then I became surprised because I was not a mahram. Plus when she suddenly cried??
I asked her, "Why sister crying?"
"Ustaz Ustaz dah .... I repent. I'm sorry, I would never do anything bad again. I repent, truly repent. "
"Why do you suddenly want to repent?" I was surprised she asked.
She continued sobbing without answering my question.
Then her voice, told me why she behaved so, the story for me iktibar need to be taken by all of us.
She said, "Ustaz, I was already married, married to a white man. But I mistaken. I was just in the name of Islam and the descent only.
none Worship whatever I can do. I do not pray, do not fast, all my religious practice and my husband was not undertaken.
My house is filled with bottles of wine. My husband, I often kick him, and I hit him, too, "she sobbed.
"So why do you want to go to Hajj this way?"
"Iyalah ... I see people go to Hajj, so I also like to go to Hajj."
"So what caused you to cry like this? Was there something that you experienced during the illness?" I asked again.
With the sound-insulated bulkhead, she tells,
"Ustaz ... Allah is Most Great, Supreme Court, Supreme Rich. During a coma, I was punished with the punishment really poignant for all the mistakes that I have made over the years.
"Is it true?" I asked, surprised.
It Ustaz. During my coma it has been shown by God about retaliation that God will give to  me. Retaliation doom, Ustaz, not retaliation heaven.
I feel like punished in hell. My whole  life is never wear the veil. In return, my hair pulled by the fire ember.
The pain can not express how pain I feel. I screamed for mercy apologize to God. "
"Not only that, my breasts were tied and clamped with a clamp made rather than fire, then pulled here and there ... broken, fell into the fire of hell.
My breasts burning range, the heat is very strong. I was screaming, crying in pain. I reach into the fire and I take it back boobs. "
She continued to tell without regard nurses and other patients.
She added, she was tortured every day, non-stop, 24 hours a day.

She was not given a direct opportunity to rest or be released from punishment. During the coma time it has taken a very painful doom. With the sound-insulated bulkhead, with tears pouring more and more, her story forward,

"The days I was tortured. When my hair pulled by the fire ember, the pain feels like a torn scalp. Heat was causing my brain feels like jarring.
Punishment was extremely painful ... very painful at all ... can not tell.. very pain. "

As she told me, she kept screaming, sobbing. It is obvious she is truly sorry for his mistake before.
I became stunned, stunned and chills to hear his story.
That is God's retaliation to the people who disbelieve.  
"Ustaz ... I was just the name of Islam, but I drink wine, I was gambling and all kinds of sins. Cause I love to eat and drink what Allah has forbidden, while the coma that I have been fed fruit spiked sharply. There is no content in the fruit but thorns, but I had to eat the fruit of it because I was so hungry.

"When fruit was swallowed, thorns stabbed my throat and when it gets to the stomach, It stabbed my stomach as well. while finger pricked the needle was painful, it is also the major thorns stabbed throat and stomach. After the spiked fruit is exhausted I eat, I am fed burning coals. When I enter the fire embers into my mouth, my whole body feels like charred.
its heat only God alone knows. The fire that is in the world is not the same as the heat of hellfire

Having exhausted the fire, I'm a drink, but ... I served well with a drink made from the pus. It smelled very foul. But I was forced to drink because I was thirsty. All I had to go through ... punish never guess, never have I experienced throughout my life in this world. "

I kept hearing her story intently. Feels true greatness of God.
"The punished, I beg God to seduce give me life once again, give me a chance to live once again. Keep on I pleaded. I said, I will prove that I will not repeat the mistakes that I have done before . I promise I will not deny the commandments of God and the pious people. I promised when I turned back, I'll fix all the shortcomings and my first mistake, I'll take your lessons, be praying, fasting where in past time I leave it.
I heard a story pensive woman. Truly, Allah is Most Great and All-Mighty.
We humans is not be released rather than return. If we practice well, so well that we will receive a reply, if our bad deeds, the retaliation (azab) us in the Hereafter.
Alhamdulillah, she has witnessed the truth of God. 

"This is not a dream, ustad. If dreams could never feel punished pain it feels.
Ustaz I repent, I will not repeat my mistake before. I repent ... I repent Nasuha, "she said, crying.

Since then she really changed regarding. When I took him to Mecca, she became the most warak congregation. Charitable worship endlessly. For example, if she went to the mosque at maghrib time, she's just going back to hir room after morning prayer.
"Sorry, but you ought to keep your health as well, after Isha you can always go back to the room to eat the rice first, and take a break" I chided.
"No problem ustad, I have to bring a date, so you can eat when I was hungry." she replied.
According to her, all inside the Grand Mosque, she left behind mengqadakan (summarize) original prayer first.
In addition she prayed, asking God that forgives hir sins. I pity the state is looking woman, afraid hir deep religious feeling unheard and pressure she will get sick too.
So I advise not to serve too to ignore her health.
"Could not Ustaz, I'm afraid ... I've tasted the pain of the punishment of God. Ustaz not feel, Ustaz not know. Ustaz If you already feel the punishment was, Ustaz would also be like me. I really repent."

She also told me, she said, "Ustaz, if there are women who do not wear Islamic headscarves, Ustaz remind them, wear the hijab."
Suffice it to me one man who felt the ordeal, I do not want any other woman to be like me.

When punished, I see God's decree that every strand of hair is to give Muslim women who have deliberately disclosed to a non-mahram man, so she was awarded a sin.
If 10 men not mahram to see this piece of my hair, meaning I got 10 sin. "
"But Ustaz, my hair is many, many thousands. If one look at my hair, it means a thousand sins that I can. If 10 people see, how? If 100 people see? That day, that day-to-day we do not wear the hijab like me ??? Allah .... "

"I intend to, just back from Hajj, I will ask for help from my husband taught by ustad that prayer, fasting, chanting, worship. I will invite my husband go to Hajj. As I, my husband was Islam in name only. But it all my fault.
I've got him to Islam, but I do not guide him. Not only that, I also like the fact that so it is not Islam. "

Since returning from the pilgrimage, I did not hear again the story of the woman. However, I believe she was a woman who really Soleha. Was she lying to me about the story is punished when coma?
No, I believe she's telling the truth. If she lied, why did she change and repent Nasuha?

One more thing, try to compare it with the punishment she received the punishment described by Allah and the Prophet in the Quran and Hadith. Is there it was in opposition?
True, what effect it is we can not prove it scientifically, but it was not a matter of sin and reward, heaven and hell supernatural case?
Do not if we have died, if we had punished then we believe that  "Oh .... is true exactly what Allah and His Messenger said. I'm sorry ...." It was too late.


"Convey my message EVEN ONE PARAGRAPH ...."

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